Thursday, August 30, 2012

15. Humility...The Tao of Management


    Humility is having great possessions and not dwelling upon them.  Lacking humility, a manager and his organization become empty, disrespectful, and lazy.  Humility is recognized by its quality and endurance.  It should be practiced in both favorable and unfavorable situations.  True humility enriches all.  Satiety brings on resentment.  The manager humbly follows the strong, is hard working, and extends his humility to the high and to the low.  Do not underrate the positive effect of true humility. ~ Bob Messing

    Humility helps to keep us present while also connecting the guide to both student and parent at the heart level.

    Many people think of having possessions as having physical possessions.  Yet, we can also possess great knowledge, mental qualities and abilities.  This may give us a sense of superiority.  It may even give us a sense of security.  This sense of security can lead us to not fully connect with the child or adult.

    Humility reminds us to be present and to not get lost in routine.  How many of us have been teaching for several years?  With this experience comes a comfort with teaching certain lessons.  As guides we are sure of how it goes and we have the nuances down.  I would like to put out a thought of encouragement.  Take a look at those lessons in your albums and see if you find something in there that was overlooked or forgotten about.  I think when we find that nuance or piece of information that we missed humility finds us.

   Another part of humanity comes when we adjust.  When we are open to adjust the way we are teaching or how we are imparting information to a child that needs it a little differently we are being humble.  This connects us at the heart level and forces us to be present.

    I have thought of humility as admitting to be wrong, or acknowledging that I do not know everything.  However, when I really think about humility as I was forced to when reading the above passage, I realize it goes deeper then I had acknowledged.  It is so interesting to think of it as forcing us to be more present and connecting us to each other at the heart level!

What are your thoughts on humility?

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