Wednesday, August 22, 2012

11. The Tao of Management -- Tranquility


     Tranquility is harmony.  This is developmental in that the small goes and the great comes, and the organization goes through in harmony.  There is proper timing in the course work.  Proper timing in taking advantage of opportunity can bring about tranquility.  Tranquility can be lost by softness. The balanced and flexible manager can bring opposition into submission.  Manage strongly while acting in a docile manner so as to nurture your strength widely.  A primary goal for managers is to bring about harmony and to preserve it.
 ~ Bob Messing

      Tranquility sums up what the manner of the guide in the classroom should be at all times.  Proper timing with the child, intentional or subconsciously accurate brings about tranquility for the child, the adult and the classroom.  When the adult is steadfast and centered tranquility is contagious throughout the classroom.  I think tranquility is found while actively and consciously treading.

What are some tips that you have found helpful to bring tranquility into the classroom?

What helps you to tread through difficult situations?

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