Tuesday, August 21, 2012

10. The Tao of Management By Bob Messing

Treading ---

     Treading means forward progress.  A manager needs firmness of purpose here and must operate with strength of mind, robust energy, and sincerity.  In treading, avoid impetuous action because ignorance and incompetence can only bring misfortune.  A manager practices self-mastery in times of peril. ~ Bob Messing

     I think every Montessori teacher has their own personal purpose upon entering their classroom whether they can sum it up in a personal mission statement or it is an embedded feeling.  What separates those teachers who can hold on to that inner purpose during chaotic times versus those that struggle?  Reflecting on this question leads me to believe that there are at least two main possibilities that are closely related. One is that as humans we let our emotions overshadow what our purpose is and our firmness of that purpose wavers.  The other is that we just take things to darn personally and that shakes our emotions which causes our purpose in the classroom to waver.

    Maybe through repetition we can mentally train ourselves to control our emotions during those times to hold on to that firmness of purpose.  We can repeat to ourselves several times a day what our purpose is or feel what our inner purpose is a couple of times a day.  That could help remind us to tread and use our will to push forward with robust energy and the sincerity that truly connects us with the children in our classroom.  

    As I read this passage I think to myself how interesting and how important it is to have these qualities and strive to maintain these qualities each and everyday in the classroom.  What a challenge that can tend to be when in the middle of the hustle and bustle throughout the day. I would love to read what your comments and reflections are on this topic!


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