Tuesday, August 28, 2012

14. Great Possessions...The Tao of Management

Great Possessions ---Ta Yu

    Great possessions represent the success and reward brought about through management efforts and effective work.  The manager must be firm and flexible, in so that which is great, now will grow greater.  The manager always builds on strength.  This individual and organizational condition requires nurturing within and the repudiation of adornments.  Daily rewards call for daily renewal by the manager.  ~ Bob Messing

When I read this passage I am seeing it differently so as to relate to the classroom.  Great work by the children, which is their great possessions, represent their successes and rewards internally in turn leads to the internal success and reward felt by the guide for having had experienced the child's success.  The guide must constantly be aware of their freedom and responsibility and to do that must be both firm and flexible.  Doing this will bring about what is already great into something greater.  Through persuasion, interaction and conversation the guide builds on each others strengths and offers the child the opportunities to transform weaknesses.  Internal dialogue and qualities must be nurtured from within.  Relying on external praise should be repudiated so as to focus on the thing or task for its own sake and it's own rewards.  The Great Possession(s) is experienced and owned internally not externally.  Daily rewards of this kind lead to daily renewal for the guide and child.


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