Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Tao of Management - 3. Difficulty at the Beginning

Difficulty at the beginning - Chun

     Bob Messing writes, "We all experience difficulty at the beginning.  It occurs when the creative and receptive unite to create.  This is always and naturally the case.  A manager's success in dealing with difficulty at the beginning is achieved through perseverance, delaying activities, and through the selection of helpers.  The confusion of difficulty will result in order.  The manager pursues goals within a prevailing mood of hesitation and hindrance.  He subordinates himself to inferiors so that the hearts of all can be won.  In this case, correctness of management style in dealing with difficulty allows for creativity and results in success."

     In the classroom, don't we have to be creative and receptive, especially in the beginning, whether it is the beginning of a lesson or start of the year.  We have to persevere if a child is not quite getting it.  Sometimes we even select helpers to give it a go while we step back and observe.  Isn't it so true that through chaos or confusion or frustration order or at least understanding and possible insight comes to light.  So, we should not run or hide in our more challenging emotions when the storm of a conflict comes.  We should embrace the experience for by now we should know order will come.  What a great lesson to show the children at such an early age by being a role model for that.  The guide or manager or parent puts themselves second so that the "hearts of all can be won." ~ Bob Messing

When this is followed, most of us can probably recall from experience that the child has their light bulb moment!

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