Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Tao of Management -- Accord


    Bob Messing writes, " A manager must achieve union and accord with what is right and real, and must assure himself inwardly that this accord is based in true reality.  A manager must have an open mind and be willing to give in order to receive.  True accord and union with those around you can only come from within. Further, the manager is known by his associates.  Union with ignorant and foolish people will reflect poorly.  True accord calls for leadership.  A manager should indeed approach a true leader or teacher.  There is nothing wrong with asking for help and/or guidance.

     The Montessori guide must work on being aligned with that which is right and real.  However, real can not necessarily be defined as that which can be seen.  There are those subjective qualities which a guide must work on being aligned too.  Some of those qualities are compassion, awareness, love, an evolving understanding, open-mindedness, and forgiveness are just a few but important ones.  While right can only be understood as what is right based on the guide's level of development.  However, I hope all guides at this point are able to use discernment to help the child see what their level of right is based on their level of development.  I push here for others to reflect then that true reality is subjective and not necessarily tangible. When a guide can allow them selves to allow the children to align with them, coupled with some light-heartedness, I think a true union forms in the classroom.

    The Montessori guide wins the minds of the parents over through the interview process.  The guide wins the hearts of the children through what is right and real through the prepared environment and Montessori curriculum.  Children win the hearts of the guide almost instantly.  While the parents hearts are won when they see that process has taken place.

That last paragraph may or may not seem to fit for some of you, but I felt like something like that needed to be there for some reason.  To me, that is a rough outline of what happens when a guide achieves or is on the road to achieving accord with what is right and real.

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